What can you do as a shareholder to encourage sustainable change in the company you invested?

One of the legal strategy to mediate in climate change , I would say relies on mobilising peers to act collectively, by submitting same proxy resolutions, participating actively and voting in shareholder meetings, and fostering a united front through shareholder coordination. 

Submitting proxy resolutions allows to propose climate-related actions, by agreeing to advocate for measures such as : appointing environmental experts to the board, increasing investments in renewable energy, setting clear greenhouse gas emission targets, and demanding transparency on climate-related risks; it establish a solid foundation for collective action. 

Also, voting at shareholder meetings is crucial to express concerns and support resolutions promoting sustainability. By pre-agreeing on the vote, you can exert significant pressure on the company decision-making. The strength of this approach lies in collective action. Uniting shareholders around a common goal will amplifies our power/influence and holds the company accountable for its sustainability strategy. 

Through coordinated voting, we can accelerate the transition to renewable energy, encourage diversification of the energy portfolio, and support initiatives addressing environmental damage caused by some of them. 

A good example of the start of such a shift which may interest you is the capturing of two Exxon Mobil board member seats by an activist hedge fund pushing for an increased focus on climate change.

You can read more about it here.

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