The aircraft industry has long been a symbol of human ingenuity, innovation connecting the world and making global travel accessible. However, we realise now that it comes at a considerable environmental cost. 

The aviation sector is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and it's becoming clear that relying on offsetting measures is not enough to mitigate its environmental impact.

I am not a fan of offsetting, it can be a way to finance progress, innovation, reforestation...but it is also a way to hide behind an action to not take care of the real problem. How can you ensure it fully compensate for aviation emissions?

As per the Climate Action Tracker : The International Civil Aviation Organization, the UN agency responsible for regulating international aviation, has no long-term climate target, and none of the scenarios for upcoming discussions around a ‘Long-Term Aspirational Goal’ are anywhere near Paris Agreement compatible. To bring the sector into line with the Paris Agreement 1.5˚C temperature goals, the international aviation industry needs to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% below 2019 levels by 2050 (70 MtCO2), along with making deep cuts to non-CO2 emissions.

... yes it is scary!

Nevertheless, some progress have been done, the aviation industry has started taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint. This includes efforts to develop more fuel-efficient aircraft, adopt sustainable aviation fuels, and implement advanced air traffic management systems to optimize routes and reduce emissions. Manufacturers are investing in research and development to create greener propulsion technologies and aircraft designs.

What are our hope with Dubai Airshow 2023

The upcoming Dubai Airshow 2023 provides an ideal platform to highlight the environmental challenges facing the aircraft industry. They will be daily conferences on this subjects. They will be key stakeholders, including governments, airlines, manufacturers, and environmental organizations, at this event, it is an opportunity to emphasize the importance of greater international cooperation in addressing the aviation industry's environmental impact.

I will attend and hope to get answer on the following subjects : 

- Where are we in term of investments and researchs into greener aviation technologies? 

- Will governments will gather to establish stricter emission standards for the aviation industry?

- Where are we in terms of adoption and accessibility of sustainable aviation fuels? 

What would you like to know particularly? Will you attend this event?

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