Tap water in U.A.E. has been confirmed safe to consume as per WHO standard. Nevertheless, a UAE resident consumes and trows away in average 450 bottles per year. After making some research and also interrogating my network on LinkedIn and other social media, it seems the main cause people are not drinking tap water are the following : 

- population is not aware tap water is safe to drink, 

- they do not trust the plumbing and tanks condition of the building they live, 

- they do not realise the impact plastic bottles have on the planet. 

I believe there are many ‘’new'' technologies that could help reduce the consumption of plastic bottles in the UAE.  

  • Smart Water Dispensers: they are already in place with the project DUBAI CAN. These dispensers use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide a safe and convenient way for people to refill their water bottles. They are installed in public places and can be accessed using a mobile app. They are mainly in touristic area, it would be interesting to install them in more areas and to analyse the data. 
  • Virtual reality (VR) : can contribute to the fulfillment of any of the SDGs through awareness, empathy, sensitization and training. In our case, it can be used as a tool to raise awareness about the impact of plastic bottle consumption on the environment, and encourage people to reduce their use of plastic bottles. Why not have a dive in Bali and swim between the plastic bags and bottles ? Or make educational programs for schools? 
  • AI : Could be a tool to do prediction analysis : when and where a consumer is more subject to need water ? Following the result smart water dispenser can be installed, or if not possible it can help the local shop to better manage their inventory and supply chain. 
  • AI & ML : Could be a tool to do waste tracking and identify areas where plastic bottle consumption is high. The data results would be public, accessible to all (consumers, cities, governments, NGOS, universities… ) to encourage actions and accountability. It could help identify areas where more education and awareness is needed, and help target the efforts to reduce plastic bottle consumption. 
  • AI & ML : could also be used to help UAE residents have the latest data on the maintenance and cleaning of the piping and tanks of their buildings/areas, track it.
  • Social media : to raise awareness and make public campaign against plastic bottle consumption, making it ‘’has been’’. Instagram can be a powerful weapon for disseminating sustainable practises. For example Sea Going green is explaining how you can use your social media to showcase good sustainable practises, or call out organisms not doing it. 
  • But also new technologies allowing biodegradable plastics, made of natural resources. For example bottles made of seaweed extract

Overall, there are many technologies that could help reduce the consumption of plastic bottles in the UAE and in the world. By adopting these technologies and promoting sustainable practices, we can work towards a more environmentally friendly future. :)

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