Have you heard of the African great green wall (AGGW)? 

The AGGW is not your ordinary wall! It's an ambitious initiative that aims to combat desertification and land degradation in the Sahel region of Africa. 

Picture this: a vast belt of trees and vegetation stretching approximately 8,000 kilometers across 11 countries, all the way from Senegal to Djibouti. 

They were inspired by the Great wall of China, but instead of keeping invaders out, it acts as a barrier against desertification, climate change, and also fight poverty.

The main goal of the AGGW is to restore degraded land, improve food security, create sustainable livelihoods, and tackle the effects of climate change. By planting trees and implementing sustainable land management practices, this project fights desert encroachment, reduces soil erosion, and enhances water availability. It's not just about trees; it's about community involvement, capacity building, and knowledge exchange among participating countries.

Why it is a big deal?

The Sahel region faces recurrent droughts, increasing desertification, and food insecurity due to climate change. This initiative aims to put a stop to the southward expansion of the Sahara Desert and restore the landscapes that millions of people depend on for their livelihoods.

The AGGW has garnered significant support both regionally and internationally. The UAE has been actively involved in the African Great Green Wall initiative and has contributed financial support to the project (they pledged 10 Millions USD).

The potential benefits are enormous! Once completed, the AGGW is estimated to sequester around 250 million tons of carbon dioxide and generate millions of green jobs. It will enhance biodiversity, restore degraded ecosystems, and boost resilience to climate change impacts.

Of course, there is challenges, some countries part of this green wall are unstable politically and it makes it complex to collaborate with them, transfer funds and organise and track actions. 

I believe it is an extraordinary collaborative effort that is being done, it is also the proof that international concrete measures can be deployed. 

So, here's to the African Great Green Wall – the kind of wall we can truly support!

Clik here to see live how many trees have been planted with this initiative for now. This website is very well made, explaining in each region the challenges, goals, current results...

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