First of all what does COP28 means?

COP stands for : Conference of the Parties, and 28 because it is the 28th event. 

COP is a series of international gatherings organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that have been instrumental in shaping global climate policy. It is an event where UN delegates, head of governments, country delegates, sustainability specialist, but also civilians, gather to find ways to battle climate change.

The COP meetings serve as a forum for countries to come together and discuss measures, it aims to review the implementation of the UNFCCC, negotiate and adopt new agreements, all while setting the global climate change agenda. 

My favourite part : it is also a moment to assess what have been done since last COP (I invite you to have a look to the Climate action Tracker), to keep governments, companies, accountable for their action publicly.

So as per my understanding here are the key goals of COP28 : 

  1. Assessment of progress: they will assess the progress made by in achieving the objectives set, particularly since the Paris Agreement, which was adopted at COP21 in 2015.
  2. Negotiation and agreement: Sultan Al Jaber is categoric, COP28 need to be a place of action not just talk. I would believe this may involve setting more ambitious emission reduction targets or discussing the implementation of existing agreements? The energy transition?
  3. Climate finance: THE talk yes, climate finance is taking more and more light and we love that. Discussions on climate finance, including funding for climate adaptation and mitigation efforts in developing countries, will definitely be a significant part of COP28.
  4. Global adaptation initiatives: Given the growing importance of Adapting to the impacts of climate change is essential, COP28 will address strategies and initiatives to enhance global adaptation efforts. It will also be the opportunity to discover new innovations.

COP28 is not just another conference, it is a vital and critical juncture in the global effort to address climate change, and we all know how pressing this is becoming. We need action now! The outcomes of this event will play a pivotal role in determining the future of our planet! 

Will you attend or follow the event online?

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