It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go... Okay, now that you have the song in the head we can start the article.

As the festive season approaches, many families find themselves caught in the whirlwind of gift-giving, elaborate decorations, and excessive consumption, running around in Dubai mall (loosing their car in the parking... once again...)... And honestly, all of it is exhausting, could we not just unwrap joy instead of waste?

This year, let's do our best to break free from the traditional Christmas mold and see how we can have a more sustainable approach, one that celebrates experiences, cherishes secondhand treasures, and hopefully will minimises environmental impact.

 According to a study by the University of Sheffield, the average UK household generates an extra 30% waste during the Christmas period. That's a staggering amount of wrapping paper, food scraps, and discarded decorations that end up in landfills, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions... So what can we do to reduce our waste this year? 

Stay tune the next few weeks, I will publish few articles for us to reflect and find potential solutions.


Considering around 1million of advent calendars are sold in UAE, and they all represent around 300g of packaging, most of which is non-recyclable, this means that advent calendar are generating around 300 tonnes of waste each year in the UAE.

And because I am becoming addicted in converting everything in greenhouse gases emission : the production, transportation and disposal of an advent calendar represent between 170 and 200g of greenhouse gases.

Now that I have ben a proper party pooper, let me come with potential solutions : 

  • Make an experience advent-calendar : This can encourage children to appreciate the non-material aspects of the holiday season, such as spending time with loved ones and creating lasting memories. So why not a bit of bonding time? day one a walk in the park, day 2 a joke contest, day 3 a Christmas movie, day 4 let's bake a cake... keep the easy one for the week and the more time consuming for the week-end. This advent calendar is my favorit!
  • Avoid at all cost advent calendars with excessive packaging or plastic components (the cosmetics ones for example).

Do you have other ideas? Please feel free to share them :)

This is the first article of my Sustainable Christmas serie, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do and that it will inspire to have a more sustainable holiday season.

Let's make this Christmas a season of joy, not waste.

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