A U.A.E. resident consumes and throws away an average of 450 bottles per year, which represents 4 billion plastic bottles per year for the country. 

Most U.A.E. residents buy the drinking water they consume. I myself did not drink the tap water but used a service of a weekly service of water gallons delivery, till now. Very few drink the water from the tap, or if they do, usually they use a water filter or boil it.

What is surprising is that while searching why, I discovered that the U.A.E. government have confirmed that the water is safe to be consume and follows WHO standards.  
So it seems UN sustainable development goal n.6 : Clean water and sanitation for all, is clearly accessible.
So why are U.A.E. residents still drinking water from plastic bottles?

Here are my theories to explore why :
- The majority of the population is not aware that the tap water is drinkable : I have lived in he UAE for 7 years and was convinced that the water was not safe to drink.
- They do not trust the information given if a test is not done in their home in front of them (some people believe only what they see).
- They do not trust the plumbing condition of the building/house they live in (in my case I know the tank in my home is super yuuuki).
- They do not realise the impact on the planet of consuming so much plastic / They hide behind the fact that it will be recycled.

And you? Do you drink tap water in UAE? If not what prevent/refrain you from doing it?

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