Are you tired of plastic bottles? Me toooo!

Dubai Can is a project in the UAE that I discovered few years ago while walking on the palm (trying to get my 10k daily steps... btw who decided on this number?!). 

They have an intriguing design, the stations allows you to refill your empty bottle anytime and completely free of charge.

The primary objective of the initiative is to decrease the amount of waste generated by single-use plastic water bottles in Dubai. 

And it worked! Thanks to machine learning they were able to estimate the saving of 10 million 500ml single-use plastic water bottles.

So where are this station?

I love this project, I am a big fan of having safe water to drink and accessible to all! So don't you forget your reusable water bottle next time you go for a walk ;)!

Have you tried it? Do you have one next to your home or work?

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