Soap, shampoo bottles

No, no, no, you misread me, we still use soap and shampoo, it is the bottles we do not buy anymore.

We have switch to solid shampoo bars and solid soap bars around 4 years ago now. It use less space in our bathroom, produce less waste, most of the time it is 100% natural (I love the brand Les savons de Joya) and is cheaper (good for the planet AND the wallet ;) ).

Disposable razors

Instead of disposable razors that end up in the landfill, I now use a safety razor with replaceable blades. The blades are recyclable and much more cost-effective in the long run!

Cotton pads and make up wipes

I make my own reusable cotton pads. Take an old towel and a little sewing kit and tadam! It's super easy to sew. Here is a tutorial.

It also make a great gift!

Plastic cotton swabs

We are using a silicon reusable cotton swabs. I honestly struggled to find a good brand of one strong enough. Lastswab is the strongest one we found. You use it like a normal cotton swabs, except that at the end you clean it and can reuse it infinitely.

What about you? What did you stop buying to reuse your waste production?

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