Here are the things we no longer buy. These small adjustments have not only minimised our waste production but have also saved us money ;)!

Plastic shopping bag

At one point I had a full cupboard filled with plastic bag, in addition to invade ocean, plastic bag were now invading my flat! Now we carry reusable bag, always have a few in the car, at the entrance door not to forget them and before in my office drawer.

Paper towels

Clothes towel are as efficient if not more.

Plastic Tupperwares

Instead, I used up-cycled glass jar or reuse box package.

Aluminium foil or oven paper

I use a reusable oven mat, the same since 2 years now, it is so easy to wash, it is a game changer. If I need to cover my tray in the oven, I simply use an other tray, et voila!

Plastic wrap

Because why would you even need them in the first place?!

And you, what did you stop to buy to reduce your waste?

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