My friend Nara asked me this week-end wich solid shampoo I would recommend. I had a lot of brands coming to mind but thoughts, let me check what I used in the past that is a local business that we can support! 

As discussed in one of my previous post, there is a lot of benefice to switch to solid shampoo and soaps. You will have less plastic waste, reduce your carbon footprint and if you pick one of the list will be sure it is composed of natural ingredients only (good for all the family and for the planet)!

According to a study by the Emirates Environmental Group, each UAE resident generates approximately 150 kilograms of plastic waste per year, with shampoo and soap bottles contributing significantly to this figure. A big part despite saying it is recyclable will end up in landfills, oceans... 

Here's a guide to finding locally produced organic solid shampoo and soap in the UAE:

TOP 1) Earth Fix Hub : 

Definitely my favorite, you can buy shampoo bar, but also conditioner bar... You have a pet? you can even buy solid shampoo for your little doggie!

TOP 2 )The Camel Soap Factory: 

My favorite of this brand is the ''balancing shampoo''. I love that we can buy it in Carrefour MOE as well, no need to order online.

TOP 3 ) Earth Rhythm : 

If you want to have the choice, go there, they have multiple of scents and also different shampoos bars for curly, dry, baby hairs...

I hope this helps, yes, the shift towards solid shampoo and soap seems to be a small step but it is a significant step towards reducing plastic pollution and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Also, by supporting local producers, we can collectively contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for the UAE.

Let me know if you try them your feedback :)

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